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  • Paul Wallace

Redeemed! Romans 6:1-14

Because of the baptisms this week I changed the sermon to address the foundations of our faith. It was a last minute change so I did not have the questions. Here they are followed by a video with the answers from the sermon. See if you can answer them first.

1 What does God require of man?

2 Why can’t we meet that requirement?

3 What do all religions except Christianity have in common?

4 What are some of the good work attempts to please God in the Bible?

5 What prophecy answers our dilemma?

6 Why would God do such a thing?

7 How are the names of God seen in Jesus?

8 What is baptism declaring?

9 What power does it promise and for what purpose?

10 Will you pray for those who were baptized today to live out their declaration?

11 Are you living out the declaration you made?

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